Course Curriculum

Our curriculum integrates ready-to-implement strategies and real-world examples necessary to pace far ahead of the established status quo. The learning experiences will enable you to further develop and streamline operating practices, market and position your business, implement new technologies, and manage your bottom line. 

NEW! We have expanded the education portfolio beyond the credentialing courses listed below with our new online microEd courses located in the Learning Center.  They are a skill-based approach to learning that delivers information in small, highly focused chunks so that you can find quick answers to specific problems.

Online and virtual courses offered by REBI through the Learning Center do not offer CE credit. REBI is not a school or CE provider. Our online, virtual, and classroom offerings attract students from multiple states and countries. This makes it prohibitive to obtain and award CE given the various CE requirements from each state's Real Estate Commission.  If CE is your primary objective, it may be offered from a provider licensing our courses. Review the course calendar and contact the provider directly to determine if their course offering includes CE.